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Access control systems can be installed for a variety of different reasons, from controlling access to a particular area or to track time and attendance of employee's.

The access control systems that we supply and install are simple to use, with simple straight forward system management. There are many different types of access control methods and a combination of these can be used on most systems.

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Access Control

Locking Methods

There are a number of different locking methods for access control and all vary in the level of  security that they offer.

Latch Lock - Utilising the existing latch on the door, an electronic release can be fitted to the frame of the door and the latch will only release when access has been granted.

Magnetic Lock - A Magnetic lock is fitted to the door and frame with a holding strength from 200lb upwards. When access is granted the door will release.

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Coded Entry - Simply enter the code to gain access

Proximty or Card Entry - Simply present or swipe card or proximity tag to gain entry

Biometrics - If you are looking for an even higher level of security the use of biometrics can be employed. This can be fingerprints, palm recognition or by retina scanner.

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