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The current CCTV market is flooded with a range of different quality camera's from all around the world. Ashford Security use a range of different suppliers for CCTV equipment. We do this so we can match the right system at the right budget to suit the customer. When we quote we will give you a number of options at different budgets.

All camera's are rated by TVL, the higher the TVL the higher the picture quality produced. Most camera's currently on the market range from 600-700 TVL

IP Camera's & Networking

In recent years the CCTV market has developed IP camera's and networking for DVR's IP Camera's can be connected directly into a network and viewed anywhere on that network. The majority of DVR's now have network capabilities so can be connected into network or the internet. By connecting to the internet the CCTV can be viewed remotely and securely from anywhere in the world, via a Personal Computer or on your smart phone. (dependant on the phones capabilites)


Day / Night Viewing

CCTV camera's have the ability to view at night with the use of Infra-Red Light Emitting Diodes (LED). During the night the picture will go black and white this is to enable the LED's to work effectivly. The majority of camera's now have in-built LED's for night time viewing. Camera's have different ranges on the LED's depending on the camera type these can reach up 100m

Ashford Security - CCTV - 0800 9998090
Ashford Security - CCTV - 0800 9998090
Ashford Security - CCTV - 0800 9998090

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0800 999 8090 9am-5 pm 0786748695 24 hrs

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