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Safes have a cash rating this will range from £1,000, the jewellery rating of the safe is 10 times the cash value. So if the safe has £10,000 cash rating the jewellery rating will be £100,000

Freestanding and Cupboard Safe

Freestanding and cupboard safe are available in a range of size and strengths. These safes range from low to high security with a range of different levels of cash value. The cash value range is from £1,000 to £250,000. These safes have a number of different methods of access from key to code.

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Gun Cabinets & Safes

Gun cabinets thare are built to safe standards and even hold a cash rating. We can supply gun cabinets that can hold between 3 & 17 guns and ammunition. The gun cabinets can have key, code or biometric methods of unlocking the safe.

We can also supply a range of other safes including key cabinets, fire safes, biometric safes and even strong rooms & panic rooms.

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Underfloor & Wall Safes

Underfloors and Wall safes are installed in either the floor and wall and then covered up. These types of safes have a higher rating compared to freestanding safes. This is due to the safe being in the ground or wall and secured. These types of safes are normally key operated, some of the safes can have deposit tubes so the safe does not need opening to deposit valuables.

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