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Gates Safety Measures & Equipment


In recent years a number of changes have occured in relation to automated gate systems. These changes have come about due to a number of incidents involving the automated gates. The type of safety measure that each gate requires depends on the type of gate, method of operation and location of the gate.


Below are the measures that can be installed onto existing gate systems



Photocells are installed both on the gate posts and at the end of the gate swing. If either of these devices infra red beam are broken then the operation of the gate will stop. This is to stop the gate opening or closing onto objects or people that have broken the beam

Safety Edges

Safety edges are designed so that any sort of pressure on these devices will stop the operation of the gate. These devices are placed along the bottom on both sides of the gate so if any object is on the floor in the swing of the gate it will stop when hits this object. The safety edge is also placed on the leading edge of the gate to prevent the gate from shutting onto objects or people.

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Ashford Security Ltd - Gate Safety & Regualtions - 0800 9998090

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