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Home Automation

The Intruder Alarm system has evolved over the last couple of years and are now not just intruder alarm systems. They can now perform a myriad of functions and even be controlled from your mobile phone.


Light Control - Do you have outside lights? Driveway lights? Now you can control these lights from your intruder alarm system from the keypad. By simply pressing a button on the keypad you will be able to turn the lights on and off. Should your intruder alarm be activated then these lights will all turn on as welll as the external siren activating.


Heating - Want to control your heating when your not at home? Want to warm the house up before you get home at night? With a simple text command you can do this from anywhere in the world


Gate Operation - Want to open your automated gate before you get home? Simply text the command to the panel and the gate will open


There is so much that can be done with the simple output module that can be attached to the HKC intruder alarm system. You can turn on or off nearly any household device with a simple command from the keypad or text message.



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